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The Center for Business Skills Development (CBSD) is a market leading provider and developer of top quality solutions to organizational performance. CBSD focuses on improving organizational performance through results-focused training. CBSD’s Assessment Center analyzes organizations and develops programs designed to meet specific needs. Highly qualified facilitators and program developers present and support the learning processes.

CBSD provides training and organizational development services to companies across Russia. CBSD courses are interactive and intense. Courses make extensive use of computer simulations (provided in association with our strategic partners), role-plays and practical exercises to bring new ideas to life. CBSD has a comprehensive range of materials and resources, and maintains an extensive database of training and consulting providers. If CBSD believes your training, consulting, or facilitation needs could be better served by an alternative supplier we will make referrals to other providers.

CBSD offers:

  • Custom training and development programs
  • Personal Effectiveness courses covering a range of topics
  • Management development programs at all levels
  • Facilitation of strategic planning
  • Team building programs
  • Consultancy services
  • International certified programs: Looking Glass, HR certification, and Becker CPA review

To ensure effective transfer of new skills to the work place, we focus on implementation and use of action planning. Teamwork, active participation and self-evaluation are hallmarks of all CBSD courses.

In working with clients, CBSD trainers and account managers demonstrate the core values of exceeding customer expectations, communicating effectively to understand customer needs and reinforcing the power of teamwork.

Company Profile:

Initiated in late 1994 with a USAID grant and initial support from US West, the Center for Business Skills Development (CBSD) was founded to help organizations enhance performance by providing training and consulting services in the dynamic Russian environment.

Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management, has been the owner of CBSD since October, 1996. The school has been rated the number one Graduate School of International Business by US News & World Report. Our affiliation with Thunderbird brings a strong commitment to providing high quality educational services and access to advanced curriculums. Additionally, Thunderbird adds value to the Russian training environment by bringing a solid reputation in international business expertise, accredited courses and outstanding business training in Russia.

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