Raytheon Professional Services 


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Raytheon Professional Services 

Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) is a global leader in training services and learning outsourcing. For more than 75 years, clients have sought our learning expertise to help them improve workforce performance. We actively engage with our clients to design and execute learning solutions that help them better deliver on promises to their customers employees and partners.

A subsidiary of technology giant Raytheon Company, RPS has designed, implemented, and managed some of the world’s largest and longest-running training outsourcing engagements in the commercial sector.

It all began in the 1920s, when one of our predecessor companies developed flight training simulators for military and government pilots.  Our work migrated into aerospace in the 1960s and into the commercial sector in the 1990s.

At present 800 professionals serve annually 1 million participants in 70 countries and in 28 languages.

For more than a decade, RPS has worked with clients in Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America, with a focus in recent years on helping clients rapidly expand their training capabilities in emerging markets such as Russia, China, India, Central Europe, and Mexico. In 2007, RPS achieved a 96% client satisfaction rating.

We are expanding our customer base to the Russian automotive market.  Our target is to grow quickly within Russian Car Dealers community.

 In Russia we established the General Motors Academy - the official training center for General Motor’s Company dealers.

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